Metro Paws is Now Providing In-House Echocardiograms

Oak Cliff Location’s Dr. Adamson Announces How This Exciting New Offering Will Work

Dr. Emily Adamson is pleased to announce that she will offer a new service to Metro Paws Animal Hospital pet owners — echocardiograms! An echocardiogram is a specialized ultrasound of the heart, and we use it to diagnose various heart conditions in cats and dogs. While Dr. Adamson is not a board-certified cardiology specialist, she has a keen interest in cardiology and has taken additional coursework to offer this valuable tool to pet owners.

If your veterinarian diagnoses a heart murmur or is concerned about potential cardiac abnormalities in your pet, they will likely recommend an echocardiogram. You or your veterinarian can fill out the following referral form, which will allow you to request an echocardiogram from our Metro Paws Oak Cliff or Metro Paws Skillman location. 

“Vets in the DFW area are aware of the shortage of cardiology specialists available, and we understand that the wait times to have your pet seen for diagnostic testing like echocardiograms can be frustrating,” Dr. Adamson notes. “I’m excited to be able to now offer them in-house to keep our patients’ care plans close to home.”

Your pet will be scheduled for a drop-off appointment for their echocardiogram. The process will go something like this:

  • Your pet will lie on their side for the ultrasound image collection
  • A board-certified cardiologist will evaluate these images
  • That cardiologist will relay detailed results within days
  • Our doctor team will use these results to tailor a plan for your pet’s cardiac care

We can now monitor all as needed right here at Metro Paws Animal Hospital—our team is thrilled to continue to offer exceptional care to your pets in all service areas. Dr. Adamson looks forward to attending to your pets’ cardiac care needs*!

*Dr. Deresz at our Metro Paws Animal Hospital Skillman location has been performing echocardiograms, so Dr. Adamson is newly bringing the service to the Oak Cliff location. Clients can schedule at either location.

Please contact us if you have questions!