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Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | December 29, 2020

By: Rebecca Donaldson, DVM [printer-friendly version] Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced diarrhea at some point and know first-hand the discomfort it causes. Our pets can experience that same discomfort if they develop diarrhea too. While not pleasant to discuss, and especially not fun to discover on our carpets, it is important to educate yourself on the…

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Ear Infections (Otitis Externa) in Dogs and Cats

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | October 26, 2020

By: Rebecca Donaldson, DVM [printer-friendly version] Outer ear infection is one of the most common types of infections seen in pets and is referred to as otitis externa. How can I tell if my pet has an ear infection? An ear infection may occur in just one ear or can affect both ears at the same…

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Five Steps to Practical Pet Weight Loss

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | October 7, 2020

By: Emily L. Adamson, DVM [printer-friendly version] Your veterinarian has recommended that your pet lose some weight. Your first question might be, “How do I know my pet weighs too much?” This can be a tricky question with so many varieties of breeds, it’s hard to have an exact “goal weight” for every dog or…

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | September 17, 2020

by: Kathryn Junkins Sarpong, DVM, DABVP [printer-friendly version] What is it? – Pets acting anxious, destructively or vocalizing when away from their people. Examples – Your dog chews up the rug and urinates in your house whenever you go to work. The neighbors complain your dog cries constantly whenever you have to run an errand.…

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Living with a FeLV Positive Cat

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | August 7, 2020

By: Mireya Cavazos [printer-friendly version] What is FeLV?Feline Leukemia Virus is a retrovirus that is one of the most common infectious diseases of cats. There is a higher risk factor for male gender, adulthood, and outdoor roaming cats. Cats that test positive may live for many years depending on what stage of the virus they…

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FAQ : Preventative Dental Cleaning and Assessment (PDCA)

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | August 7, 2020

[printer-friendly version] Q: What are the benefits of a non-anesthetic dental (PDCA)?A: A PDCA technician performs the following services; an assessment of oral health, cleaning (scaling and curettage), polishing, brushing, oral rinse, and a treatment plan. Q: Why is oral hygiene important for my pet?A: Pets are unable to brush their teeth daily. Therefore, it…

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Grain-Free Diets and Your Dog’s Heart

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | July 2, 2020

BY EMILY ADAMSON, DVM [printer-friendly version] As a pet owner, you make important decisions every day that affect your pet’s health. From the moment you bring them home, you work hard to make choices that lead to a healthy, happy dog – which food they eat, how often they exercise, the toys they play with,…

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Separation Anxiety in Pets

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | May 14, 2020

You will eventually get to leave your house. Your pet may not get it — but we do. Learn how to make the transition easier for your pet. You may be headed back to your office soon. Your pet, who has become your loyal and dedicated coworker, has thoroughly enjoyed the stay-at-home companionship. They may…

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Add a New Pet to Your Family?

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | April 28, 2020

Now that your new pet has found their forever home, they are likely doing some things you’d expect. And maybe some things you wouldn’t. What’s normal? What’s not? Is it normal that… My dog has a little cough? My cat’s eyes are watery? My pet scoots its bottom on the rug? My dog eats poop?…

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Who loves your pet besides you? Us!

By Metro Paws Animal Hospital | April 13, 2020

Metro Paws Animal Hospital is committed to a lifetime of wellbeing for your pet. Even in times of uncertainty, we remain your most trusted source of veterinary information. This is why we encourage you to contact us first with any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s health. Big or small. Complex or…

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